Saffron Road Studios is a purpose-built Recording Rehearsal facility in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire Established in 2014.

We provide high standards with affordable recording, mixing and mastering services for a wide range of projects.

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To Dave Eclestone (Studio Engineer)

"Dear chaps! Thanks for a great few days, it's a very cool feeling to arrive home with a physical recording of a song which has until now only existed in its entirety in my head.

Warm room DaveA, warm ears DaveE, top job. It really does sound as I've imagined it for fucking ages - hopefully soon it'll stop playing in my head!"

Rob (guitarist / song writer for Vapour Trail) -

To Dave Ashman (Studio Engineer)

"I've just been listening to Charles bronson. I must say it sounds fantastic! Great depth and balance. It's a real pleasure to listen to. Everything sits brilliantly in the mix and it sounds alive and interesting. I will admit to having my doubts as to whether what we captured would work well enough to get the song to where it should be and I have been hugely pleasantly surprised by the final outcome. That is a credit to your ability Dave, massively impressed with what you've managed to achieve with the mix. It has been good working with you on this project and I do hope we can do more together in the future. I've had some very good reactions to this song from various people... All of whom specifically mention how vibrant and balanced the sound stage is... To quote one "this is the best thing I've heard from TCP" 

Having worked with many engineers over the years it's always a pleasure to find another who can actually translate ideas into realities and knows how to get the best out of the material. Bloody good job sir! 

Thank you for putting up with our ridiculous working methods to get this song to this level...... Patience of a saint!"

- Adam (bass player in TCP)-