Our studios are inclusive of full PA, microphones, bass amplification and 4x12 guitar cabinets (not including guitar amplifiers) and full drum kits (excluding breakables).

Guitar amps are available for hire @ £5 per session.

Drum breakables (snare, cymbals and bass pedal) are available to hire @ £5 per session.

Session times are:
6pm - 11pm Mon to Fri
10am to 10pm Saturday to Sunday

When booking your sessions please quote your preferred start times.

Cancellations less than 24hours prior to booked slots are charged at 50% of the full rehearsal rate for that session.

Refreshments are available on request.

Live Recording

We also provide a low cost straightforward live 16 Track recording service which is available alongside our band rehearsal services.

This can be activated on request or during rehearsal practice sessions to provide a quick and easy recording for demo purposes. We record these sessions to Logic Audio Pro X , the unmixed stem files being then transferred to the client at the end of session for you to mix at home .

Rehearsal Studios

Studio 1 (upstairs)

Spacious room with natural light.

£50 for 3 hours

Live recording

£75 for two hours (two songs). Please see description at the bottom of this page.

Studio 2 (downstairs)

Intimate acoustically treated rehearsal space, tie lined to the control room upstairs.

£45 for 3 hours

Live Recording

£75 for two hours (two songs).